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Company Profile
Founded in 2013, Zhongrui Funing Holding Group has been deeply involved in the field of service robots. While engaged in research and development, production and sales of medical robots, and robots for senior and disabled care, etc., FN is also a member of standard drafters for the robot industry. With the mission of “smart technology for warm life”,
FN puts AI into smart medical care and smart elderly care with the mind of building an artificial intelligence industry ecosystem.FN R&D team consists of quite a few world-leading experts and senior engineers, including Professor Bradley Nelson, father of capsule robots, and Professor Wang Danwei, the world's first scientist of navigation system in unstructured environment. With great efforts in continuous iterative upgrading, FN's self-developed robots, such as PinTrace--orthopedic robot, OR--ophthalmic robot, CAS-ONE IR--liver surgery robot, P-Care--comprehensive service robot as well as other products of "smart family" began to make their debut on the world stage. Currently, FN has filed 52 applications for its patents, among which 23 are filed overseas.
Corporate Philosophy
With great engagement in the intelligent industry, FN aims to illuminate the robot industry with wisdom, improve life with service robots, and create the beauty of technology. Meanwhile, we strive to build a company full of happiness, create a vision of FN people with happiness, warm life with altruistic values, and radiate the glamour of humanity. By chasing after happiness and intelligence, we are looking for the perfect combination of human technology life and art life.
Corporate Orientation
Zhongrui Funing is committed to becoming a practitioner of sustainable development of human noetic science and artificial intelligence industry. As an international group driven by “resources, technology and capital”, we constitute a unique strategic layout of “one body, two wings and three drives”, which is to build an empowerment platform for industrial upgrading by relying on the two wings of capital and innovation ecology;
to achieve the coordinated development of the technology sector, the innovated ecological sector and the capital sector; to create a virtuous circle, win a leading position in the industry, achieve self-fullfillment, contribute to the society, and benefit the mankind.
Utilizing the Western Experience to benefit China
FN’s technologies originate from Europe. We have established strategic cooperation with advanced robotics R&D institutes from such countries as Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, Japan, Germany and Italy, thus introducing and jointly developing the most advanced robotic and artificial intelligence technologies in the world. Meanwhile, FN focuses on the transformation and application of these technologies into products suitable for the Chinese market.
Science & Technology and love for Humanistic Solicitude
FN insists on making “warm robots". With care for everyone’s health and medical service, we target the fields of elderly care, disabled care and medical care so as to build a world leading intelligent service robot system, meanwhile “humanistic solicitude” is deeply rooted in the whole process of systematic design, R&D, manufacturing, sales and services.
Gather Elites and Lead Excellence
With great ambition in mind, FN is determined to become the benchmark of the industry. Collaborated with more than 10 top universities such as Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Uppsala University, Malardalen University, Imperial College London, and The University of Tokyo, FN has been engaged in talents training, subject research, key problems tackling. We hired a number of top foreign scientists in the field of robots, Chinese well-known academicians and chief scientists in the relevant fields as corporate consultants, gathered a large number of outstanding robot research talents, thus forming a strong scientific research team to lead the industry excellence.
Love Our Country and The World.
Zhongrui Funing has been deeply involved in the field of intelligent service robots for many years. While the country attaches great importance to and actively promotes the development of the industry, it accelerates the development and application of robots for medical, elderly, and disable care, which provides a broad platform for intelligent service robots. FN adheres to the global collaborative innovation, open cooperation and win-win situation, with intelligent, higher quality, wider and more convenient robot scene service, so that intelligent service robots can truly enter thousands of households and transform artificial intelligence technology into serve human life. Together with the world's outstanding artificial intelligence companies, we will ultimately build a community of human destiny and create a better new life for mankind!