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Company profile
Zhongrui Funing Robotics (Shenyang) Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2016. It is specialized in high-end robotic (artificial intelligence) R&D, manufacturing, testing and sales. Our headquarters is based inside Shenyang China-Germany High-end Equipment Manufacturing Industry Park.
We have established Zhongrui Funing Robotic Technology (Beijing) Co.,Ltd. ,Zhongrui Funing Intelligent Robot R&D and Application Co.,Ltd, Zhongrui Funing Europe innovation Center, Zhongrui Funing Asia Innovation Center, The Inter-Operation and Testing Institute and other subsidiaries. Meanwhile, an industry investment fund, a venture fund and a fund management agency will soon be launched. Funing’s foresight accurately grasps the market, develops strategic plans and expands rapidly toward a well-rounded and unique enterprise.
Western Experience to Be Utilized in China
Funing’s technologies originate from Europe. We have established strategic cooperation with countries such as Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, Japan, Germany and Italy. We have introduced and developed the most advanced robotic and artificial intelligence technologies in the world. Funing also focuses on the transformation and application of these technologies into products suitable for China market.
Science and Technology for Humanistic Solicitude
Funing insists on making “warm robots". Our company targets the fields of elderly care, disabled care and medical care. “humanistic solicitude” is deeply rooted in the chain of R&D, manufacturing, sales and services.
Gather Elites and Lead Excellence
Funing aims for the highest and desires to become the benchmark of the industry. Collaborated with more than 10 top universities such as Malardalen University, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, University of Berne and Imperial College London, Funing has created a first-class research team including numbers of elite scientists, academicians and engineers.
Love Our Country and The World.
Funing vows to be a responsible enterprise for the nation. We adhere to making contributions to revitalize the old industrial base in northeast region and the “China 2025” Initiative. Funing has introduced the Swedish Robotdalen, known as the world’s robot "Silicon Valley" and "heart" of the European robot industry, into China and engaged in establishing the Robodalen East in China. Robotdalen East will attract entries of world's leading robot companies becoming the “cradle” of science and technology innovation and outputting innovative robotic products and solutions .