It is a user controlled stereotactic instrument that assists in planning, navigating, and manually propelling one or more devices, as well as verifying the position and performance of the device during CT guidance. The needle configuration and performance required during the planning phase are defined for anatomical target. The position of the device in the navigation phase is displayed relative to the patient, and the needle alignment can be guided when the breathing level is monitored. The verification phase shows the recorded instrument configuration and performance relative to the previously defined plan by preprocessing and post-processing the image data.
Application scenario
User controlled stereotactic instrument
instrument products
CAS The CAS One-IR is specially designed for rigid long straight devices (such as the needle and needle in the process of CT navigation) to perform the operation based on CT images.

The placement time of each electrode is reduced by 69%. (p < 0.001)
The total operating time is reduced by 47%. (P < 0.001)
The placement accuracy is increased by 33%. (P < 0.001).

More than 20 needle trajectories can be defined.
Meanwhile, the internal needle and external needle are placed accurately.
Support for multiple ablation and sizing machine system.

Integrated positioning function.
Ergonomic aiming equipment.
Photo-Finish TM Image fusion technology verification.
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