CAS-One IR is an end-to-end, stereotactic navigation system designed to assist in the planning, navigation and ablation of tumors in the liver, lung, kidney, pancreas and bones during percutaneous interventions. It makes precise targeting and accurate ablations easier than before. Navigation of up to 20 needles facilitates multi-needle procedures such as IRE and treatment of larger lesions with overlapping ablation zones. With its emphasis on accurate planning and needle placement with a single puncture, CAS-One IR allows a better predictability of procedure time.

Accuracy is 33% higher than freehand procedures

Placement time per needle is reduced by 69% for multi-needle procedures.

Overall procedure time is reduced by 47% for multi-needle procedures.1

Intraoperative quality check by fusion of pre- and live intervention images.

Simulated ablation zones for all ablation devices and validation of ablation zone with Photo-Finish™.

Application scenario
CAS-One IR provides an ablation cockpit compiling and displaying all the views and information you need to precisely and safely navigate during the course of the procedure. Choose different viewing modalities to always stay in control. Connect CAS-One IR to your IR suite and enjoy impressively smooth workflows.

1.Making difficult targets look «easy»
Easy off-plane needle navigation and support of multi-needle planning for IRE or large tumors.

2.Plan sufficient ablation margins
3D target view and ablation zone prediction for planning of safe needle placement to ensure sufficient ablation margins.

3.Target «invisible» lesions
Using MRT – CT fusion, to visualize and target tumors not visible on CT and ultrasound imaging.

4.Validate your ablation zone
PhotoFinish™ your CAS-One IR treatment to visualize and check ablation margins.
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