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Expert team
Rolf Pfeifer
Expert specially invited by ZRFN
Co-founder of the National Robotics Center in Switzerland
Specially appointed professor of Osaka University
Wang Danwei
Chief Scientist of ZRFN
Electronic Engineering College of Nanyang Technological University
Stefan Weber
Orthopedic robot expert of ZRFN
Professor of University of Bern
Inventor of cochlear implantation and CAS-One
IR--liver surgery robotics, partner of FN Robotics
Ivan Lundberg
Chief Engineer of ZFR Sweden AB of ZRFN
Project manager of CRTC of Robotdalen Chief Engineer of
ABB Robot Collaborative Assembly
Carmichael Neil
Education expert specially invited by FN
Former Chair of Education Select Committee of UK
Bradley J.Nelson
Professor of Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich
Head of the Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems
Hans Rudolf Früh
Founder of F&P Robotics AG in Switzerland
Chief R&D expert of P-Care robot of ZRFN
Matthias Clostermann
Expert specially invited by ZRFN
Founder and responsible of digital creation and companies in robotics