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Zhongrui Funing has the most cutting-edge scientific research force in the world. It has successively established the Europe Innovation Center in Sweden and the Asia Innovation Center in Kanagawa.

We have built joint laboratories with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Marladalen University in Sweden, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, University of Berne medical school, King's College London, Imperial College London, University of Tokyo and other leading institutions aiming to bring technology breakthroughs in the service robot industry.

Elderly Care

Disabled Care

Medical Care


Elderly Care /PENSION
We provide psychological and physical care to the elderly. We will nurse the aged in an independent and interactive way .We offer life supervision, health care, companionship, family interaction, video play and other services through a brand new way in order to improve the quality of health services.
We provide disabled people with services such as mobility, nursing and medical rehabilitation, increase their level of freedom and sense of dignity, improve their life quality and at the same time reduce the labor needed in nursing activities.
Medical Care /MEDICAL CARE
Funing povides services to doctors directly and assists doctors in surgeries. The use of medical robots is the new trend of the development of medical services. With the unique advantage of precision and intelligence, its application prospect is very wide and bright.
Cooperation /COOPERATION
As it is designed for achieving free interactions between human and robots, the offered flexibility, safety and convenience will help better apply robots in to people’s work and daily life.