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Zhongrui Funing’s Trip to Japan Part 1


Zhongrui Funing Robotics has actively deployed a global strategy with an international perspective since the company was founded. In order to promote the orderly development of Zhongrui Funing Asia Innovation Center in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan and continue to enhance the company’s global technology, talent and project reserve strength, Zhang Danhua, General Manager of Zhongrui Funing Robotics Co., Ltd., launched a one-week trip to Japan on August 6th 2017 with her team.

First stop: Osaka University

Osaka University is a world-class research-based national comprehensive university, of which the famous School of Engineering Science is a new type of college integrated science and engineering together. The guiding ideology is to develop the engineering technology, basic development technology of the students based on theory, knowledge, attaching importance to the combination of basic knowledge of science, professional knowledge and knowledge of adjacent disciplines, so as to adapt to the development needs of the integration and internationalization of science and technology.

In the process of technical inspection at Osaka University, Zhongrui Funing was honored to visit Professor Hosoda in the School of Engineering Science, who is specialized in research and development in the field of robotics. Through sincere and full exchange and communication between the two sides, the technical strength, development strategy and social responsibility in the field of service robots of Zhongrui Funing have been highly recognized by Professor Hosoda. A series of research projects conducted by “Hosoda Laboratory” led by Professor Hosoda has a profound guiding significance for the technology research and development of Zhongrui Funing.




This meeting not only gives Zhongrui Funing the opportunity to recognize an outstanding professor with craftsmanship spirit and assiduous enthusiasm, but also starts a perfect stop for Zhongrui Funing to make breakthroughs in technical resource accumulation and scientific research power reserve of the company in Asia and enter Japan.