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Zhongrui Funing’s Trip to Japan Part 3


Zhongrui Funing Robotics has actively deployed a global strategy with an international perspective since the company was founded. In order to promote the orderly development of Zhongrui Funing Asia Innovation Center in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan and continue to enhance the company’s global technology, talent and project reserve strength, Zhang Danhua, General Manager of Zhongrui Funing Robotics Co., Ltd., launched a one-week trip to Japan on August 6th 2017 with her team.

Third stop: Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

As a well-known national university in Japan focusing on scientific research with small scale but excellent quality, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology has top-level scientific research strength accumulated over years, presentation and promotion ability of scientific research achievements and overall coordination capacity recognized by international community

Zhongrui Funing came to Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology for the last stop and visited the industry’s famous application-oriented scholar, Professor Ikuo Mizuuchi. Professor Ikuo Mizuuchi attached importance to the combination of robot theory and application, and the robot laboratory led by him focused on the R&D and application of robotics products and technology combining with the scene of life service, which is highly consistent with the development strategy and product system of Zhongrui Funing. During the communication, Professor Ikuo Mizuuchi had a strong interest in the application concepts of service robot products and technology of Zhongrui Funing, and Zhongrui Funing also hoped to have the opportunity to reach a scientific research and project cooperation with thelaboratory. For the upcoming 2017 World Robot Conference, Professor Ikuo Mizuuchi had full confidence in Zhongrui Funing robotics, and wished the company could stand out at the conference and give voice to the world.

Ikuo Mizuuchi Laboratory in Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology of Zhongrui Funing


The one-week trip to Japan has come to an end and has made it a perfect start of Zhongrui Funing heading for Asia. The global footsteps of Zhongrui Funing will never stop. Exploring warm science and technology to create intelligent ecology will be the relentless pursuit of Zhongrui Funing. Funing builds good future.